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Requirements Questionnaire and Checklist

July 21, 2016

This Requirements Questionnaire and Checklist has been assembled to organize sample questions each program should ask when developing its formal requirements documentation for a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software project. This is not an exhaustive list, but a broad sampling of the types of questions that should be considered before and during Market Research and Solution Analysis.

Software Buyer's Checklist

March 25, 2015

This checklist was compiled to provide a standardized set of steps to follow when using the DoD ESI Enterprise Software Agreements (ESAs) and Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs). It is not an exhaustive list and it should not be the only tool used to determine compliance with DoD acquisition regulations. It is a checklist to use as a starting point and not to replace individual Procurement Office’s guidance.

Enterprise Software Licensing Guide and Checklist

February 26, 2015

This checklist walks you through the definition of an Enterprise License and all of its components to help you determine whether or not an Enterprise License (EL) will meet your organization’s needs. An EL is an organization-wide software license that provides common usage rights to a population of users, while interfacing with the Software Publisher/Licensor under a single point of contact. The EL is customized to the organization’s requirements. To establish an EL, a team approach should be undertaken, utilizing functional expertise from within the Government, and approached in a manner that achieves Best Value.

Software Self-Audit Checklist

February 26, 2015

DoD ESI developed this Self-Audit Checklist to assist DoD in performing internal license compliance audits and with keeping full and accurate accounts that may be used to properly ascertain and verify numbers of licenses, users or subscription parameters in use. A software audit is a defensible comparison of the actual software programs, quantities, and uses within an organization measured against the contractually authorized software programs, quantities, and uses.